A Evening in my Garden.

We are so blessed with how our garden is growing. Every evening when I go down to water it and pluck the weeds, I can tell there has been growth. We have small tomatoes growing on every plant. Our banana pepper plants are finally starting to grow. I was worried that the bunnies would eat them because they play right beside them in the grass. On two of our yellow squash plants, we have small squash already blooming. The sunflowers are getting huge. They are the giant Sunflowers which are supposed to get 16ft tall! Cucumbers are spreading like wildfire. Gardening makes me so happy.


After we get threw watering our garden we always have a little fun. This is a picture of Brayden. He had the water hose pinched off so his daddy couldn’t squirt him. Well, I snapped this picture right as he let it go and started to run away from the water. Too cute!


Summer time makes all of us crazy. 😉 and yes, I do have a long tongue. LOL

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