Peaceful easy feeling…


Sitting here I know I have greater purpose
I await my turn to reach the surface.

As the sun breaks thru from a towering tree
It pulls me up and sets me free.

A whirl of wind sends me high
Now I’m a cloud, coming by.

I drift slow with wondering aim
I become a shower you call rain.

I come too you fast and of many
From one drop we gather as plenty.

Now is the time we start to grow
Gathered in abundance we start to flow.

Just one drop that has never seen
I couldn’t believe it!!!! I’ve become a stream.

Gravity guides me and seems to know
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

Wondering if my journey would end
We come to a stop, around a bend.

We cover the depths, and fill the rim
A pond again.

I have traveled far and it seems with some purpose
I wait again to reach the surface.

As the sun breaks thru a familiar tree
Once again it sets me free.

Looking down from above
Now I burst
I burst with love.

I descend unto you from the sky
My aim is you
And now I know why.

As quickly as I can I will gather and flow
Knowing now
The love I know.

I now have purpose for all I do
You are my pond
My purpose is you.

Timothy Johnson
Copyright, 2006

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