To kill or Not to kill…..

That seems to be the question tonight.

So, yesterday I got back my furniture that I loaned my *ex* best friend. Well she is a smoker and I wanted to leave the couch and bed outside under the carport to let it air out since we have had nice weather…..BIG MISTAKE! Remember yesterday I posted about two dogs?! Well……YES!

That damn dog chewed one cushion up and was starting on another one. It was high up too! Grrrr!!! We turned the couch up on its’ side and had the cushions piled on top…. This damn dog needs to be in the circuis or something…He must can leap tall buildings with a single bound! FFS! I’m so mad, I could spit nails.

The evidence!

P.S. This is only a rant. I don’t want any animal rights people emailing me about killing the dog. I DID NOT KILL THE DOG!

I loved that couch. :-/

4 thoughts on “To kill or Not to kill…..

    1. If I would of had a gun….he would of been dead on the spot. I was furious! Then the next day the puppy dug up my new hosta plants! I was crying! I told my husband that these dogs were going to be the death of me or I will be the death of them…it doesn’t matter to me. Damn dogs!

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